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Starring: : Selvin Suri, Nicole
Direction: Sadaji
Music: Vijay Bharathi
Production: V A Durai
The title evokes curiosity, no doubt. Why would any one name their movie Naai Kutty? That is because the male protagonist is literally raised on the streets, just like a stray dog. After not having a very memorable childhood, you don’t expect him to be doing great things in life. In fact, he is fortunate enough to be a rickshawallah transporting people for his living. Slowly, his rickshaw trips take him to illegal alleys of the town where he gets paid handsomely. The money tempts him to linger on in the dark business of flesh trade. But, the muck and mire of the trade soon take over his life and everything goes wrong. Ironically, it is the little bit of conscience he retains that puts him in the bad books of people whom he is close to. Then it is a maze of misunderstandings and misfortunes which appear insurmountable. What does the Naai Kutty do?

Right from the outset, the story has nothing cheerful and uplifting. It is only about distress and despair of life on the mean streets. There is no positive spirit in the movie, the only spirit being the illicit liquor that the characters are seen consuming almost every other scene. Illicit distilled liquor is one of the constant features in the movie. Put that alongside, the flesh trade business and you know that this movie is not going to make you feel good.

  Naai Kutty
Performances by the young cast led by Selvin and Nicole don’t make much of an impression. Though they have tried hard to represent the lives of the lower strata of the society, they still don’t look the part. Director Sadaji has failed to put together a film that keeps the audience engaged. Music by Vijayabharathi too does not stay in the mind for long.

On the whole, Naai Kutty is a sorry tale of a man for whom nothing went right in life. It does not bring any cheer to the audience, neither is it able to make the viewer pity nor feel for the suffering characters.

Verdict: Droopy puppy

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