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Review by : Harish
Starring: : Uday Chopra, Priyanka Chopra, Anupam Kher.
Direction: Jugal Hansraj
Music: Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant
Production: Yash Raj Films
A failed actor turned director and an upcoming hero cum writer tries desperately to dish out the perfect date movie and ends up giving a half-baked romantic flick which just doesn’t click.

This story seems to be inspired from Akshay Kumar’s part of ‘Jaan-e-maan’ with a few alterations. The story of a geek trying to desperately win over the hottest girl in college has been done-to-death in Hollywood but in Bollywood it’s a rarity. We have always seen the hero to be the smart, handsome hunk that can top-size an entire 18 wheel truck to save a butterfly but in this movie the hero is too afraid to even fight against a man who has stolen his software. Now the geek sees his dream girl once again after 7 long years in which the dame has got divorced and has a 6 year old daughter. Now the geek has to find a way to finally fight against his own inhibitions to get his girl and his software back. Can he do it? Of course he can! It’s a Yash Raj movie for crying out loud. But, how? Of course, with the usual Yash Raj cliché ridden second half it is not big a surprise there too.
  Pyaar Impossible

Uday Chopra has taken this romantic comedy as his comeback vehicle. Apart from his two Dhoom movies he hasn’t smelled success with any other attempts. And when he has to follow up a Neel-n-Nikki he has to be doubly careful. As an actor he has done justice to the role and even the concept seems quite fine but has failed mainly due to his dragging-no twist screenplay and cliché-ridden dialogues which is also penned by him. The movie might have been intended to be a cute romantic comedy but director Jugal Hansraj has concentrated only on the cuteness part, which after a point looks overdone and forgone the comedy which is very essential for such movies. There is a need for one to overdo some geeky parts which was somewhat achieved in Jaan-e-mann but here it seems Uday is just a normal guy with a weird old spectacles.

There are some scenes which do make you smile like the ‘Thai-tradition’ dinner scene, or whenever Priyanka tries to talk to Uday about his or her personal life. The natural acting by Priyanka and Uday helps in achieving the cuteness of many such scenes. But on the other side, scenes like Uday using a 6 year old’s school stage performance to tell Priyanka his version of the story is intolerable. The movie neither gives much importance to how and why does Priyanka fall for Uday nor does Uday use a brilliant way to get his software back (If its that simple to put a password to the software why doesn’t he do it earlier?) And we do miss some twists in the movie which could have helped to a large extent.

The brilliant camera work by Santhosh Thundil and a catchy music and background score by Salim-Sullaiman gives it a glossy rich look and feel. But a lethargic work in the editing table does bite the movie’s prospects in a big way. The first half is slow and after a good start even the pace in the second half slackens. Other cast members have little to do. The kid does not impress at all; Dino Morea puts on the same face from start to finish and it does little to impress the audience. Anupam Kher is decent in a role which he has done several times before, that of a worried and concerned dad giving worldly advice to his geeky son.

Overall the movie is a simple plain movie with little twists and very less comic relief. If properly done could have made a perfect Valentine flick.

Verdict: A romantic comedy with little romance and no comedy.

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