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Production: Preniss International Cast: Cheran Direction: Cheran

Cheran’s Thirumanam deals with an ever-hyped subject Marriage. Apart from being a simple movie that shows the stories of two youngsters trying to get married with their families’ approval, this also stands as a tale a director narrates having a common man’s problems in his interests.

The casting for the movie seems apt. Thambi Ramaiah and M.S.Bhaskar prove why they are some of the most sought after artists in K-Town. Cheran, Sukanya, Balasaravanan, Jayaprakash, Seema G Nair have played their roles true to its nature. The leads Umapathy Ramaiah and Kavya Suresh have fared well.

If you’re coming inside the theatre expecting a film like Cheran's Autograph, you’ll be mistaken. This film doesn’t deal with emotions much but reality. Cheran has put his concern for a middle-class family man’s problems at first. He has defined his characters well.

The movie follows cliches here and there and at times, attempted to be youthful in its portrayal. They don’t fall in the right place but that is not a big flaw as such. The screenplay that must have given the pressure about their marriage drops at several points because of the slow pace. The background music, at many times, is found less interesting to the scene that is happening. The songs too fail to establish any connection with the audiences.

The last two songs before the climax seem totally avoidable in the already slow nature of the film. What could have come off as a good movie with a great message doesn’t reach its goals and we cannot help but complain about the screenplay and weak placement of songs.

Thambi Ramaiah and M.S.Bhaskar’s intense conversation in the second half, Sukanya defying the odds about a girl bringing bad luck into the family, the climax sequence are some noteworthy scenes in the film that deserve praise.

We might think the movie has too many messages which might make it feel like the director has played for the gallery, but every message seems relevant, thoughtful and relatable. Something that no other movie has talked about in length. For that and many other noticeable things around the marriage expenses, the film will be liked by the families.

Verdict: Though preachy, Cheran's Thirumanam is a watchable family drama with a thoughtful message.


2.5 5 ( 2.5 / 5.0 )




Thirumanam (aka) Thirumaanam

Thirumanam (aka) Thirumaanam is a Tamil movie. Cheran are part of the cast of Thirumanam (aka) Thirumaanam. The movie is directed by Cheran. Production by Preniss International.