Release Date : Sep 24,2015
Kirumi (aka) Kirumi review

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Production: JPR Films Production
Cast: Kathir, Reshmi Menon
Direction: Anucharan
Screenplay: Anucharan, M.Manikandan
Story: Anucharan, M.Manikandan
Music: K
Background score: K
PRO: Johnson
Distribution: Escape Artists Motion Pictures

Kirumi may not have some of the best poster boys from the industry but it is still expected to make a dent given its impressive trailer and the involvement of Kaakka Muttai fame Manikandan in the story and screenplay department. Now let’s take some time to analyze its pros and cons.

Kathir who made a notable debut, through Madha Yaanai Koottam a couple of years back, plays the lead here. His character is avidly dynamic, a carefree youngster with the zeal to make it big using the loopholes in society. How his exuberance leads him to a series of complications is Kirumi all about.

Kirumi is one of the better stories that you have come across in recent times, but its execution should have been on par with the smartness in the script. There are these occasional scenes which show the harsh reality of cops, which must have required a lot of background work which the team has done that gives a feel of a well written script. Manikandan has co-written the story and screenplay with Anucharan. His intervention in the script is very handy for Kirumi.

Charlie is one of the underrated actors of Tamil cinema. Here again, he stamps his class with a subtle, neat performance, which he showcases effortlessly. Actor Soundarapandian plays a decisive role too. Though the film revolves around the hero Kathir, the character of Soundarapandian as the cop is intriguing. Kirumi will remain one of his most remembered performances, no matter how many more films he will be doing in the future.

Reshmi is charming, her acting is gratifying and it is good to see a young director extract such good work from all his artists. Be it Yogi Babu, Marimuthu or Tamilselvi, they have all given neat performances. But the repeated presence of the same actors enacting rowdy roles is becoming stale.

It’s nice to see music director K coming out of his comfort zone and trying to experiment something new. It proves that if he teams up with directors with good sense for music, he can provide some real quality stuff. Cinematography by Arul Vincent makes the experience visually endearing with some occasional mild queasy cam technique which suits the mood well.

Kirumi stands up well over, considering its take on cops with a very nice story which is also executed decently. However, it leaves you wanting for more. You might even wonder what was actually missing. The climax of the film could be a little unexpected, which could work for or against the film.

Verdict: Kirumi is a safe one-time watch.
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Kirumi (aka) Kirumi

Kirumi (aka) Kirumi is a Tamil movie with production by JPR Films Production, direction by Anucharan. The cast of Kirumi (aka) Kirumi includes Kathir, Reshmi Menon.