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Mar 04, 2015

The launch of Bofta (Blue Ocean Film and Television Academy) was not some chief guest unveiling something and another chief guest receiving amidst loud cheer. This event was synonymous with grandness and authenticity. The best of the minds from the Tamil industry were under one single roof. From director Mahendran to today's Karthik Subbaraj, the event had the fraternity from the late 70s to the new-wave of Tamil cinema. 


The proceedings of the event were structured by calling the Department heads and the star faculty to come on stage and talk about Bofta as an initiative and as a vision.


There were also breathtaking dance performances by the Loyola dream team to add some color and glamour to the gathering. Following are the major highlights and snippets from what the celebrities spoke on the ambitious evening.


Director Mahendran (HOD- Film making/Direction) 


"I obliged to be part of Bofta on a very selfish motive. I also wanted to learn when I teach. Today's generation are so informed and inspired about films as a medium and an art-form. Sometimes, you go blank to their questions and doubts. My coming into the industry was an accident. I am a writer by profession and a film-maker by choice. I don't see myself going by a set pattern to teach the students. In fact, it is not going to be teaching. It will be an interaction from which we will have a two way communication and learn a lot from each other. Film studies stem from each others' experiences. A book might tell you what has been done, not what can be done. I am looking forward to this."


Director Bhagyaraj (HOD- Screenplay writing)


"I never learnt how films are to be made. I observed. My classes are going to be like that. I am going to let them observe my days as a film-maker and I am going to, as well, observe their enthusiasm. When such a combination occurs, new concepts and ideas arrive. With no limitations and free flowing of thoughts, I’m looking forward to make my classes really interesting."


Director Parthipan (Star faculty)


"When a kid went and asked his family what does sex mean, the whole family was taken aback. The kid actually wanted to know which box has to be ticked, M or F. There is a generation gap in film studies also. I am going to attempt the maximum in understanding what students want to learn, answer their queries and cater to their growing needs."


Actor Nasser- (HOD- Acting)


"I wanted to be part of the air-force. For some unknown reason my father saw an actor in me. I tried my level best to avoid the situation and ran off to be part of the force. When I returned, he had an admission form for an acting school. I had some formal learning and then, no turning back. This is a very emotional moment for me. With over 100 years of history, we, Tamil cinema, haven't had a formal place to store, curate and learn cinema. Days before Dhananjayan came to me and told about Bofta, I was in talks with my friends to start an acting academy. Acting is a very expressive art-form. It is a meditation-like process that needs techniques to justify an emotion. Through Bofta, I am looking forward to create a separate breed of actors and performers."


Editor Lenin- (HOD- Editing)


Comes running to the stage, stays still, talks nothing for 80 odd seconds and then...


"People call this gap a lag, I call it sustain. I saw the best of acting, back-ground score and screenplay to learn editing. An editor needs to be a singer, a story-writer and an actor as well. He/she has to know what's happening on screen. He/she needs to be patient and matured. There should be this constant rhythm in them. From placing a scene to having an eye for detailing, an editor needs to be completely fine with seeing the same frame a zillion times. There will be hundreds of corrections and the drill/routine will test your endurance. Let us learn all of that. I am excited!."


Cinematographer Madhu Ambat (HOD- Cinematography)


"I believe, cinema and its bi-products cannot be taught. It is a realization. My team and me will constantly make students realize that. When something like camera-work, which is high on technicalities is to be taught, the individual has to understand the basics and play around, and not see it as a meticulous process."


Cartoonist Madan (HOD- Film journalism) 


"Cine-news are consumed like headlines. You just can't ask anything you want and write anything you feel like. Film journalists have to be well informed about films and the industry they write about. They need to be analytically critical. Not be cynical just to be noticed. Every word has a responsibility. We are going to create such masters who respect the art-form and educate the readers."


With stalwarts addressing the hall, the event ended on a high by launching the academy, the brochure, the website and the 'Book on screenplay' for Bofta students written by K. Rajeshwar.


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