"I will come and unconditionally serve the people when it's time" - Superstar Rajini - Event Story

Nov 16, 2014

Lingaa audio launch was not just a stage with dignitaries praising the film, the cast and the crew. It was a political manifest high on Rajini's incoming to politics, thanks to Ameer and few other guests who dared to talk on such unanswered topics. Among the loud cheer, very little managed to reach our ears and the following is an update on the star-studded audio launch of Lingaa.
Co-producer Munirathna
"I come a long way as a film buff. During my busy days as a businessman, I always wanted to be associated to cinema. My regards for the industry and the idea of producing films never went down. One fine day, I went to my father and told him that I'm going to produce a film. He said, 'Producing films is no easy task. You'll lose your money and also respect'. But today, I'm producing a film that has Superstar in it. I think I have already got both. Money and respect ! 
Lingaa was shot in massive sets and live locations. There were times when the caravan could not be brought near the shooting floor. Superstar had to suddenly change his costume due to last minute alterations. If it were any other actor, the shot would have been delayed by an hour at least. But Rajini sir changed the costume with just two people covering him by a dhoti. A man of such caliber and status doesn't want the crew waiting for him. We are so glad to have got the golden opportunity of working with a living legend for a movie like Lingaa. Taskmaster KS Ravikumar completed the movie at a record speed. Thanks to Superstar, the technicians and the whole team, we are coming for Rajini's birthday to treat you."
Actor Vijaykumar
"I have known Rajini for decades. Our friendship is almost 30 years long. He is the very same Rajini I saw for the first time. Time changes, we change, but he's been the same old Rajini. The same speed and the same style. He is a charmer. Lingaa is not a usual movie. It is an ambitious effort that talks of unity, patriotism and water scarcity. I would like to say something here. Having won the hearts of crores of people, it is high time you decide Rajini. We are done looking up for the answer. When you represent us and do so much for us on screen. You are that one person who can do it in real also. Please decide fast. We are waiting. Not just for the movie."
Director Ameer
"I was a die-hard fan of Kamal sir before I came into films. After I became part of the fraternity, I'm a hardcore Rajini fan. There were articles written ten years before. Who is the next Superstar. 10 years later, even today, he's the indisputable Supertar of not just Tamil cinema, but Indian cinema. Even after 10 years, he'll be the one and only Superstar. When I was holding my mother's hands and went to watch Bharaivi movie in the theatre, that's when I witnessed a magic, a phenomenon called Superstar. The title Lingaa belonged to me. Dhanush and me had the rights. We wanted to do a film called Lingaa. But when I heard Rajini sir is pinning hopes on getting the same title, I gave it to him. A thought struck my head. When we are trying so hard to make a movie titled Lingaa, god answered through Rajini sir. God talks through people who he loves. When an original Lingaa like Rajini sir is there, how can we end up with a similar title?
I am a blessed soul, you know why? Rajini sir told me, Ameer, you are my friend. Who will get this chance in life? I have met Amitabh sir, even got a chance to meet Sachin Tendulkar, but today, after meeting my hero, I feel like getting a photo clicked with him. I never had this thought in me when I met those other celebrities. So, let me get a snap right away. (After tons of flashes) When you feel like doing something, you should do it immediately. Appreciating somebody, thanking somebody and asking sorry to somebody, these things should never be procrastinated. Something I learnt from Superstar. 
Thalaivare? You've come across so much in life. You know it all before you get into it. We don't have the patience. Please say yes. Just start meeting people and get to know about their problems, the post will automatically come to you. We are all there. I know you are somebody who never takes it to the head. But please venture into politics. Your ardent fans and general public are waiting for you. You are the most compatible CM this state will ever see."
"I was worried. If I'm asked to talk after others are done, what will I have to talk? My points will all be taken. So, thanks for letting me talk now. Superstar is an actor to you all. To me, he's my spiritual guru. When I asked him a tricky question, he asked what is the difference between a maid and Anushka. I was shocked. He said, the answer is not to your question, but to the person who asked. Rajini sir is full of thoughts. Being with him feels so positive and fresh. We are shooting at a place called Shimoga. Thousands of people would come there everyday, stay for hours in a readymade tent they made so to wait and get a glimpse of the matinee idol. It was like people waiting at Thirupathi to see the deity. There were times when the shoot got over by like 2 am. We will all be going to the room. Thalaivar will be at the shooting spot for another 2 hours, pose for photos with all the restless fans and then only proceed to the room. The dam we shot was located at a place called Lingaa, there was a Lingeshwaran temple near the shooting spot. Rajini sir definitely has a divine power. That's why he's untouchable. 
What a man? Who on earth will be like him? Till date, I haven't witnessed somebody like him. Somebody who is so humble, in-spite of the crazy fan-following. He is a true star. Coming to KS sir, he's like the idlies in a hot-box. Always on the toes, working round the clock. When my full-time duty is to pull others' leg, nobody on earth has taken a toll on me like him. He is the Superstar among the directors. Nobody on earth can finish a movie of this scale in a matter of 5 months. Thanks to the assistant directors for recommending my name for the role. Lingaa is on the way."
"Whenever I'm gifted gold chains, I make it a point to gift it to others. But there is one chain I retained and have it with me always. The chain Superstar gifted me. A guy asks his lover, Why don't you let me touch you? When the gold chain on your neck gets to touch you, why not me? The girl says, before the gold chain reached my neck, it has been through so much in life. From the Earth it was taken to the heavy waters, then was heated, then was sharpened and shaped. Superstar is that gold chain. From a very ordinary family, he has grown into a gold chain that everybody loves. When MGR has Kannadasan and Vaali on his shoulders, I can proudly say, I'm the only Vairamuthu who rode with him to make memorable songs.
He doesn't take the fame to his head. A man with a pure heart, he knows what to do. We might want him to fight the baddies, romance the heroine, utter punch dialogues, but when it comes to leading this state, he will decide it. We can't force him to. I wish him good health and great success."
KS Ravikumar
"After Kochadaiiyaan, I had a casual meet with Rajini sir. My long time associate had a story that suited Rajini sir. We had a chance to narrate the story to Rajini sir and after listening to it, with no hesitance, sir said, 'Let's start the picture'. I was awestruck. He gave us one condition. My fans haven't seen me on screen after Enthiran. Can you finish the movie in 6 months and release it by this year itself. Lingaa is a period film. We, the direction team took sometime off and decided. Finally, we were ready to pull off a movie like Lingaa in 5 months. Now we stand before you all for the audio launch. Rahman has given us fantabulous songs. I pressurized him so much to finish the tunes, since we were simultaneously shooting the songs and the talkie portions. All the songs will turn out to be massive hits. I will do thanksgiving now, because after Rajini sir talks, nobody will stay, so let me do it now itself.
I would want to personally thank everybody one by one, so please bear with it. (The experienced director started off with the names and suddenly breaks down uncontrollably) I am a temperamental man. I tend to shout, but only when I want the work to be done. There has not been a day, I have personally intended to hurt somebody. We were shooting for a song and there were continuous rains. Rajini sir has to walk towards the camera beside a running train. We had the camera mounted on a jimmy. The jimmy was almost about to fall on Rajini sir because of the wet floor. The camera assistant there jumped into the frame and stopped the jimmy from falling down. He was actually undergoing a state of shock, but didn't let go of the jimmy. (cries again) Bearing all my mood swings and when people work, I stand corrected. We are trying our level best to finish the movie and gift it to Rajini sir on his birthday. Special credits to thorough professionals Anushka and Sonakshi. They cooperated to the fullest with no fuss. They will go a long way in the industry. 
Sorry to the media and the press. I have not been answering their calls. Rajini sir and me, took it as a decision to not talk about the movie, until it's done. Now I am ready. Let's meet and talk. Thanks to my mother, friends, relatives and of course Superstar. Without him, we wouldn't have made Lingaa."
"There were some doubts in me, post my ill-health. Can I act, fight and dance like old days?. Post Kochadaiiyaan, I started listening to scripts. It was time to do a live action film again. That's when I came across the story of Lingaa. Rockline Venkatesh, the producer is an Aabathpaandhavan, Somebody who is so altruistic. Keeps helping people without expecting anything in return. He has spent so much for this movie with no second thoughts. He has brought in world-class technicians with my help. Catering to my condition, he pumped in so much money to finish the movie within this year. I generally address my problems then and there. I never let them grow. Lingaa had lots of problems. We mended them all and worked as a team. Team Lingaa took care of me like a baby. I was given ample time to eat, rest and sleep.
There were people talking about my foray into politics. If I completely avoid answering it, then it's like not respecting them. Vairamuthu sir told, it's really hard to read me as a person. I myself don't know who I am. It is easy to start a film, but it has to be a hit film. It is very easy to get into politics, but people have to be properly served with the right intentions. I am still waiting for the answer. I know it has taken so much of time for me to decide. But, the time has to come. People are bored of me raising my hand up. If the time comes, I'll come and unconditionally serve the people."
Crowd clears the minute Superstar walks off the podium.



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