I don't claim myself to be a freedom fighter, but I'm definitely not a traitor- says Vijay ! - Event Story

Sep 18, 2014

After hours of hustle and ruffle, our sub-editor manages to squeeze into the crowd and finally step into a hall filled with the aura of just Vijay fans and celebrities. Following is an exact update on what happened at the high-profile audio launch of Kaththi.
Not wasting anytime, the extravagant event got officially kick-started by the hero of the event, Anirudh Ravichander. With acrylic colored Kaththi posters displayed all over, the whole setting was diminutive for the continuous in-coming of crowd. There was this eye-popping LCD screen set as the backdrop, with 3D Kaththi posters played in it. The screen literally split into two for the special guests to come onto the stage. The setting and the professional organizing of the event had the whole launch finished in just a matter of 110 odd minutes
Much to the expectation, Anirudh performs the Aathi track, preceded by an interaction session.
Anirudh - "The minute AR Murugadoss sir confirmed me for Kaththi, I had been awaiting the experience of working with Vijay anna. After Thuppakki, the legendary combination is coming back for a bigger, better movie and so the responsibility vested on my shoulders was unbearable till this day. I'm extremely happy of having satisfied Vijay fans more than anybody else. This day will be an unforgettable experience etched in my memories for ever. 
When done with 'Selfie Pulla' composition, we knew this would be a treat for Vijay sir himself to sing and even more for the fans and masses. At the recording, he was a baby to deal with. I loved his energy and subtle improvisations enhancing the song more than what I expected. He should sing more. He's a natural singer who can be a seasoned singer. I'm so happy that the songs have pleased you. Wait for Diwali. We are coming !"
After this, the teaser was played. Crowd went bonkers over it. Encore was all that everybody said. 
Comedian Sathish was called to bring in laughter moments. And he eventually did. 
Sathish - "I used to make sure Vijay sir’s face wasn’t messed up while the posters were stuck. I used to walk with them, the whole night to make sure, my Thalapathy looked nice on the poster. During the Thuppakki days, I told Anirudh, machi, you should compose music for Vijay sir one day and I should act along with him. To this very minute, I’m thrilled and surprised of the fact that, I’ve worked with Vijay sir for almost 80 odd days. The host asked about his marriage and he said, “I want a girl like Samantha to marry”. Crowd went in splits.
It was time to bring some glamour to this event. Guess what? Samantha hopped onto the stage. 
Samantha - "I’m a typical Pallavaram girl. I grew up watching Vijay films. I’m so excited about being part of such a great movie. We wish you all to get entertained to the fullest"
Then director AR Murugadoss was called to formally address the event. With the Kaththi BGM played on loop, and everybody walking around, it was looking like a mass action scene. 
AR Murugadoss - "After Thuppakki, I always intended to work with Vijay sir. Kaththi was a memorable time. I feel like talking certain things, now. Producers asked me not to, but I don't have a choice. Let me tell you people, I'm a Tamilian by birth and i'll die as a Tamilian only. When I was assisting on films, my salary was 500 Rs per month. For my first film as a director, I got 10000 Rs and for the next film 25000 Rs. Now it takes time to count. I went and did other language films only to prove to others the fact that, "How could this guy from a remote village do such big films?''. This is the only reason. I get paid more in Kollywood than the other industries. Be it me or Vijay sir, we never go behind money. I was born and brought up here. Every cell of mine has Tamil encrypted in it. Kaththi is one such movie that'll be celebrated for its unity.
I just tell Vijay sir to recite, "I'm waiting". But when he acts it, the very ordinary scene goes to a whole new level. With a slight tilt and the way he says it, I get stunned. Kaththi will have lot more of such gimmicks. We were working back to back and I got a little tired, stressed, dehydrated and finally blacked out. When I opened my eyes at the hospital, I felt a little hazy and everyone looked hazy. There was somebody standing in front of me and the doctor asked if I could see properly. When my vision got clear, as per the usual norms, doctor asked if I knew who was standing in front of me. It was Ilayathalapathy Vijay sir himself waiting there for me. If I didn't know who it was, even my son would beat me. 
I asked Vijay sir if he likes Jagdeesh, Kadhiresan or Jeevanandham. He said Kadhiresan. This movie will exceed your expectations. Wait for Diwali, we are coming with a bang"
It was the time now. The time thunderous applause brought the roof down. Ilayathalapathy Vijay was called onto the stage. Nothing was heard for the next few minutes. Even when Vijay tried welcoming everybody, nothing was heard. Then when everybody settled down, the calm and composed Vijay looked emotional and exasperated. He said, “We made Kaththi not to bring in fights, we made it to bring unity among us. We've put in a lot of effort for this quality product. A lie never needs explanations, but when rumors are explained it becomes a truth then. I don't want to talk much about what has happened or will. This movie will please you all and also entertain you all. I don't claim myself to be a freedom fighter, but I'm definitely not a traitor. Thank you all for coming"
It was almost like watching Vijay acting out a scene. The same effect was there all over.  
Finally, the most anticipated happening of the evening arrived. Toast of the industry was called onto the stage to release the album. A spectacular skeleton dance for the Pakkam Vandhu song was performed and the teaser was played again. By the time, lights went on; everybody realized Vijay and the other set of celebrities had left the hall. Nice way to end.
Now, it's time to officially buy Kaththi audio CDs at the stores. Go get them !!!!




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