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Vijay Sethupathi’s views on Anitha and NEET medical exams

It is a known fact that, there has been a lot of views and opinions about the NEET exams, after the sad incident that took place to Anitha. Following the list of people who shared their opinions, actor Vijay Sethupathi, at a recent event, addressed the crowd regarding the incident. He said:


Education is such a basic necessity. I feel very bad that we had to lose a beautiful life of a person for it. I feel ashamed. Beyond all this, for a very long time now, there has been discrimination of caste for a very long time. I think that has to be abolished first.

Also, when we strike or fight for some of our rights, it has become too common for those who suppress struggles and strikes of a common man. There has to be some change in the way we strike for our rights. If we all assemble somewhere and sit down and shout, they easily dissolve our strike and we do not end up getting our rights. This has to move on to the next level very soon.

Most importantly, we have to instill knowledge about politics in our youngsters and coming generations. They must know more about politics than about cinema. Inwhatsapp, there are a lot of good forwards everyday. Beyond these, videos related to politics, videos that informate the youth about what happens daily, must start to spread. Caste has set us apart and I wish that also is completely abolished.

Vijay Sethupathi’s views on Anitha and NEET medical exams

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