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Director Pa.Ranjith makes his statement on Anitha's suicide

As the whole state is mourning the death of Anitha, a medical aspirant, who couldn't get a medical seat due to the NEET exams.

Director Pa.Ranjith, who went to Anitha's house to pay his last respects, met the media persons to share his statement on this issue. He said, "Anitha had scored high marks in her 10th and 12th grades; she herself had decided about her ambition and future educational plans. She had worked so hard for scoring well in her exams, and she has also scored. But, these entrance exams like NEET act as a huge hindrance that block and squash the ambitions of a little girl.

There is a big question that remains unanswered. For whom, is this government working? After trying all possible ways, that small girl has lost all the beliefs and faith she had, on the system and decided to end her life. What kind of Government is this? After seeing all these, when are we going to 
realise this pain and when are we going to find a solution to this, is also a major question."

Director Pa.Ranjith makes his statement on Anitha's suicide

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