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Salman Khan breaks a fan's mobile

Salman Khan in his recent public outing at a fans gathering did an unpredictable act. Recently at a fans generation, a fan was screaming at Salman Khan to show his strongness by breaking his phone. The fan claimed that it's a brand new mobile which is unbreakable even if it is thrashed. Salman Khan initially ignored the fan and moved ahead to meet other fans.

After repeated boasting from the fan, Salman angrily walked to the fan and snatched the mobile from him and threw it on the floor. Surprisingly, the mobile did not break, Salman again took the mobile and threw it again, this time again the mobile did not break. Third time again, Salman took the mobile in his hands, and all the fans around the place started to cheer Salman and asked him to break the mobile this time. Salman in his thrid attempt, threw the mobile really hard to the ground, after which the mobile broke into pieces. Fans started enjoying the act. Sadly the boasting fan should have been the only disappointed person in the vicinity after such action.

Salman Khan breaks a fan's mobile

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