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Two schools adopted by Raghava Lawrence to be inaugurated on 29th Oct

Raghava Lawrence is currently held up with the production of his next film Kanchana 3 that has Oviya acting alongside him. Meanwhile, tomorrow (29th Oct) is his birthday and here's what is going to take place on account of this!

He has established himself as a good humanitarian under various circumstances, and here goes another one. Following the words of Minister Sengottaiyan, Raghava Lawrence has adopted and renovated two government schools and has prepared them at par with private schools.

Since it is his birthday tomorrow, both these schools will be inaugurated. One school exists in Padi, Chennai and the other in Gingee (near Villupuram). As Raghava's mother recently underwent a surgery, he would be spending time with her and the kids in his ashram in Chennai. 

Due to this, he wouldn't be attending the event at Gingee. Instead of him, Bigg Boss fame Oviya will be attending the event at 4 pm tomorrow. 

Speaking about this, Raghava Lawrence says, "Schools can be called as the temples that will build the future generations. Government schools are the places where students below the poverty line can be educated. Only if the public, along with the government get together and raise the standards of these schools, will the students be educated well. 

I couldn't study well. But the kids who are studying now should do it well. So, I am not going to stop with these two schools. I will go on to renovate as many schools as possible