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Trailer review of SRK's Fan produced by Yash Raj Films

Yesterday, 29th February was the chosen date by Yash raj Films to release the trailer of Bollywood Badshah SRK’s Fan. This feature being a Maneesh Sharma’s directorial, promises some freshness and excitement in its narration. Is it an attempt to reiterate the fact that audiences are the ones who will make or break a star? Let's wait until summer to attain more clarity.

Meanwhile, let us analyse the trailer at a microscopic level!

1. There might not be an irrelevant love track for the sake of inserting the heroine factor.


The trailer does not have even a frame dedicated to any such acts.

SRK fan’s plight

“So no duets with heroine clad in fancy sarees?”


2. Uncompromised entertainment might be offered through risky action sequence.


So many frames suggested the effort taken by SRK for the action sequence. Be it the rope shot or the one where he seems to do a bike chase, they look edgy.

SRK fan’s excitement

“He is undeniably the DON of Bollywood.”


3. There might be a drastic change in the treatment of the film’s two halves. So the first half might be a light hearted adorable tale of a fan while the second half may have the fan proving his capabilities.


The lines that the lead speaks,“A fan chased the star; a star will now chase a fan”

SRK fan’s contentment

“We will get to see both our fan and adorable SRK while we can spot him take his revenge with intensity.”


These are just predictions that any trailer triggers the viewer to arrive at. What are yours?


Trailer review of SRK's Fan produced by Yash Raj Films

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