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Tamil Nadu Producer Council has arranged a camp for the betterment of producers

Tamil Nadu Film Producer Council has arranged a special workshop for all the producers to help them get an Aadhar card, an insurance scheme, bank loans and a housing scheme. Here is the official statement from the TFPC.

"After the success of tax exemption, Producers Council has arranged a Camp for the betterment of producers. In today's situation, Aadhar card is a must in Censor Board. So, we have arranged a camp, in which we will help producers who do not have it, to get Aadhar card. Another government policy is there in which we can deposit 12 rupees and can get insurance of 2 lakhs. We will help producers to take up that policy.

We will explain about the possibilities and the procedures to take up a proper bank loan and to maintain IT properly. There is a Prime Minister scheme called "Ellarukkum Veedu". We will help to get the application and formalities regarding this scheme. The Camp will happen from July 21 - July 25 at our new office. Please bring 4 photos, 2 ID proof and 1 address proof. We expect everyone's presence. Thank you."

* TFPC's statement is not spell-checked

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