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An extensive in-depth analysis report about TFPC's strike

As reported earlier, TFPC is planning for a complete shutdown starting from May 30th until the government takes immediate action against issues like piracy, ticket price, and a few other concerns. There is a huge degree of uncertainty regarding this issue. Some theatre owners have extended their support, some have given statements against the strike while some apparently are still not clear about the whole issue.

Moreover, there are so many films under production, all in different stages. For example, Vijay 61 and Vivegam teams are currently shooting in Europe. Whereas Rajini - Ranjith project is planned to go on floors by the end of May. Films like 2.0 and Vishwaroopam 2 are in post-production stages. So will these films come to a standstill? Have all the makers given their go ahead to stop? Are they ready to bear the loss?

A popular film exhibitor says, “We do not have a clarity on this issue yet. Should we not release any new films or will we be asked to remove the movies screened currently? Few films have been pushed by 20 days due to the strike, so would the strike last for only 20 days? There are so many things that need to be addressed. The theatre association has called for a meeting and only post that, we will get a clear picture.”

It looks like Vishal and his team is confident of pulling out a strike but have they got the approval from the Government? Will they get adequate support from theatre association?

We got in touch with a spokesperson from TFPC to throw more light on the issue. He said, “Firstly, this is not a strike by the Producer Council but an entire Tamil film industry shutdown. We are fighting for each and everyone’s bread and butter. What is the use in running an industry when 90% of films end up as loss ventures? Films like Baahubali 2 come only once in 10 years. Not just Baahubalis, each and every film needs to run to its potential immaterial of its budget.”

On theatre owners revolt against the strike, he said, “Many theatres have given their support. Those who are against the strike need to understand that we are fighting for their well-being as well. We are still discussing with exhibitor association and things could get cleared in a week’s time. Our strike’s motive is to make the whole system standardised. Not all theatres provide good quality movie watching experience whereas, the audience has to pay the same price irrespective of the quality that is offered to them. All these need to change”.

About government’s take, the TFPC spokesperson said, “We have approached the government and are confident that they will support us since it is for a good cause”.

Popular film producer, distributor and two-time National Award winning writer, G Dhananjayagan answers our doubts.

What will happen to films like Rajini 161 which are planned to go on floors by May end?

“Not just that film, many other projects are in different stages of production. They might have to bear the loss. But because Vishal is doing this for the welfare of the industry, people would understand. And I presume the loss would not be that huge.

Vishal is very much confident about the strike happening. Vanamagan has been postponed as we can’t release the film on 19th May with only 11 days of run and remove it from 
theatres just like that”, signs off G Dhananjayan

Pros and cons of TFPC strike

We feel there is a lack of uniformity. Vishal, on one side, says, there must be a strike, but few distributors like Tirupur Subramaniam are against it. Only when everyone comes together, the industry could create an impact. If there is no unity, then the purpose of the strike would not be fulfilled.

There are many unions and ‘sangams’ in the industry. If the ‘shutdown’ is really on, it might be a partial strike. Few organizations will work while few may not. We feel Vishal's side will issue a press note by the next week. Let's wait till then to get more clarity.

Avinash Pandian

An extensive in-depth analysis report about TFPC's strike

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