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Vijay 61 team is currently camping in Europe, to shoot some very important scenes in the film. The film, directed by Atlee, has music by A.R.Rahman and lyrics by Vivek. Interestingly, this is the first time Vivek is collaborating with A.R.Rahman.

During an exclusive casual chat with Vivek, the talented lyricist opened up about his interaction with Vijay and lyric writing experience for Vijay 61. He said, "For one of the song, I had to go to the shooting spot and write the lyric. So I went there. Vijay sir greeted me with a smile and praised me for my lyrics in the first song of Vijay 61. Then he went to shoot a scene, and I was observing. It was a fight sequence, and Vijay had to use a 'kaththi' as his property. Vijay carried the sequence with ease performed all the stunts with total perfection in just one take.

After the stunt, Vijay came back to the seat, and I asked him, 'how do you perform all the stunts so perfectly.' He, in turn, questioned me, 'how do you guys (all lyricists) put the right words and write the lyrics so beautifully.' 
When you ask him a question, he does not answer to that. So, it is like that, when someone praises him, he underplays and tackles them with another question. He was so kind, sweet and down-to-earth and it was a memorable interaction with him. I've penned two songs, as of now, and one song has been shot."

Lyricist Vivek talks about his interaction with Vijay in Vijay 61 shooting spot

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