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T Rajhendherr's speech at double taxation press meet

T.Rajhendherr called for an immediate press meet this morning at the headquarters of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce, Anna Salai, where he was seen very furious. He questioned why Tamil Nadu State Government wants 30% of local municipality tax.

He told, "When I wanted to conduct a protest at Valluvar Kottam, to oppose GST, the State Government did not give me permission. I approached on behalf of my political party and requested permission, but there was no response. Ask them to come and ask for permission now. I am standing at my Film Chamber office and not anywhere else. This is my place. I grew up here, and if I am in a good position now, it is only because of cinema. Ask them to come and ask for permission now. Ask them to come and arrest me. Will they do? Even if they do, I would break through the gates of the Central Jail with my car and come out.

I I feel very sad for the producers of the films, which released last weekend. I am not just telling for the sake of my son's film (AAA), but also for other producers, who are facing a big loss currently. I am not against the shutting down of theatres, but there should have been a clear picture and a prior announcement regarding it. Announcing the strike all of a sudden makes no use. I strongly respect the West Bengal Government which has helped the Bengali Cinema Industry by waiving off 7 % and 12 % tax 
from State share of GST. There is no democracy here. America has 7% percent taxation, while Russia and China have 17% and 18% respectively. But, why is it 28% for India? So, not just the local municipality tax should be cut down, the GST percentage should also be cut down by a margin, and only then Cinema will live. "

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T Rajhendherr's speech at double taxation press meet

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