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Vijay Sethupathi T Rajendar Kavan Happy New Year single review

KV Anand’s Kavan’s Happy New Year promo video starring Vijay Sethupathi and T.Rajendar had released recently. Now the Happy New Year song sung by T.Rajendar, Hiphop Tamizha and Madonna Sebastian has been released as a single.

The time of the song’s release is perfect with New Year’s eve round the corner. Hiphop Tamizha has utilized T.Rajendar’s energy level to a great extent in this song which happens to be the backbone of this folk number with a touch of trance and EDM beats playing along parallelly.

The lyrics are quite catchy throughout the track. Madonna Sebastian’s sweet voice towards the end proves to be nectar. The talented actress cum singer is a right addition to this high energy Happy New Year single. The song has a lot of auto-tuned voices which is typical of most of Hiphop Tamizha’s songs.

On the whole, this one, as the name suggests, is for a Happy New Year and justifies its tag and adds to the promotion of Kavan which is soon to release. Hiphop Tamizha continues to be the trendy, high octane music director that he has turned out to become and the track is quite impressive with a lot of adrenaline pumped in by T.Rajendar’s voice.

Vijay Sethupathi T Rajendar Kavan Happy New Year single review

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