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KV Anand appreciates Dhanush and his looks in ENPT

Recently, director KV Anand tweeted saying that his actors always feel that he has not been lavish in his praise of their performance, to which Dhanush tweeted saying that he is able to understand the feelings of the actors well.


KV Anand was quick to respond to Dhanush when he tweeted, “Others act in films...need compliments to enhance their act. But you LIVED it...made me speechless” . Of course, Dhanush was happy to receive such a compliment from his Angean director and thanked him.


Earlier on, when Dhanush’s Enai Noki Paayum Thotta posters were out, KV Anand appreciated them too with a “@dhanushkraja Adorable piercing look, @menongautham Aesthetically pleasing touch stands out...wishes”.


Nice to see such a bonhomie between the director-actor.

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KV Anand appreciates Dhanush and his looks in ENPT

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