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Vidyu Raman on her role in Power Pandi and Dhanush

Vidyu Raman who is very busy in Telugu and Kannada will soon be seen in Dhanush directorial Power Pandi. In an exclusive chat with behindwoods, Vidyu shares her thoughts.

How did Power Pandi happen?
Dhanush sir called me one day and said, "There is this role and you will be good at it. Please come and do it". I didn’t ask him anything. I completely trust him and was sure he would only give me a good role. After a long time, a good film in Tamil for me.

I had no idea he was acting as well in the film; I was only thinking it is his maiden directorial. After I got there only I realized he was playing an extended cameo in the film.  

For me, it was like ‘oraey kallula rendu maanga because I had always wanted to act with Dhanush. Now I am also acting under his direction. I got more than what I wanted.

Your role?
I play a village girl here. I have played such roles in Telugu and Kannada but in Tamil, I have been stereotyped as this urban girl. Dhanush didn’t want to darken me or change my physical appearance for the character. He is totally against comedy aimed at physical appearances and was very firm not to have such scenes in his directorial.

I come in the movie throughout with him and Madonna Sebastian. I can’t reveal more. My character is not a comedy one. That’s one thing I really loved about this film. What Dhanush sir told me was, "Vidyu, you are not the comedienne in this film. I want you to be a normal character."

My dialogues will surely evoke laughter, but it will not be caricature types. I, of course, love them too, but this is also a refreshing one that required subtle performance. The comedy is very clean here, there are no jokes made on my weight in Power Pandi.


Dhanush is a fantastic person to work with. I had a blast shooting. He is finishing the film pretty fast.  He knows exactly what he wants and extracts the right kind of work from the crew.


Shooting update
My portions are done in one shot. Next is dubbing which I have to do in Madurai slang. It is challenging and I love challenges. I always dub for myself in Telugu and Kannada and will do the same in Tamil too. This is my mother tongue and I WILL do it.

Why we don’t see you in Tamil that often?
I got many offers in Tamil but I did not like them. They are all the same types. I even felt a little bad that why Tamil industry is not utilizing me completely. It would be nice if they give scope for comedienne here. But I am glad that I was patient and Power Pandi came my way.

Power Pandi
I am confident about this film as the story is lovely with a message. On top of it, I play a different avatar in this. With this film, the image that I am the urban girl will be broken and I will get more village belle roles also. People will also realize that I can do comedy as well as subtle portrayals. 


We wish you the best Vidyu!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar


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Vidyu Raman on her role in Power Pandi and Dhanush

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