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Ex- Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi files domestic violation against husband

Hindi Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi has approached a magistrate’s court and allegedly filed a domestic violation against her husband. Mandana Karimi Gupta is an Iranian citizen, who made her TV debut in Hindi reality TV show Bigg Boss.

Mandana married to Gupta in January 2017. As per reports from Bollywood media, Mandana came to India in 2012 to pursue her modeling and acting. Gradually, Madonna made it to Big Boss reality show where she met Gupta through a common friend.

Mandana claims that Gupta and his parents are alleged asking her to quit pursuing her acting career. Mandana also claimed that she was kept as a prisoner in her matrimonial home, where she was not given basic freedom and was allegedly mentally harassed. This has led her to file a domestic violation against her husband Gupta.

Currently, Mandana was asked to move out of her matrimonial house and this has led her to stay in a service apartment in Mumbai.