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T Rajendar advises his son Simbu on the issue of quitting Nadigar Sangam

The issue of Simbu leaving the Nadigar Sangam is gaining momentum every day with people advising him on this. We had reported yesterday about how Radikaa through her Twitter page had advised the young actor to stay in the sangam.


Today, Simbu’s dad T Rajendar through a Tamil press note had advised his son from taking a drastic decision. A translated excerept of the same:


“My thanks are due to people who have been contacting me and my son to re-consider his decision to quit Nadigar Sangam. At this juncture, I would like to record my take on this as a senior artist.


Simbu, I am the one who had joined you in the sangam when you were young and you have been its active member from your younger days. Don’t look at what the Sangam has done to you, but what you have done to the Sangam. This is the place which has been nurtured by our ancestors like NSK, MGR, Sivaji Ganesan, SSR, MR Radha and others. Therefore, please review your decision. As your dad, this is my opinion. Beyond this, you may have your own principle and a feel of self esteem. I respect that”

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T Rajendar advises his son Simbu on the issue of quitting Nadigar Sangam

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