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Rajini, Vikram, Nivin Pauly, Simbu, Arvind Swami- Beard styles to follow

The popular notion  "Thaadi Valatha Devedas"  has become so extinct that it is only used by yesteryear retro fashionistas. Beard is the new haawte! and these five filmstars stay as example for this: 

5. Thani Oruvan  : The stubble.

“Theemai Dhan Vellum”.  Arvind Swami in the role of Siddharth Abhimanyu, a corporate gangster and a tough act to follow, sports a subtle stubble in Thani Oruvan. A closely trimmed, barely visible beard is called the stubble and is also known as the 5 o'clock shadow. To every person who thinks he is a baddie, a smart-ass or a class act,  the most simple and effective way to make that statement is a stubble. The image of a confident, savvy, and a more-than-capable-of person such as Siddharth Abhimanyu is instantly associated with the stubble faced look of Arvind Swami after the success of Thani Oruvan. Striking while the iron is hot, men who wish to acquire that extra savvy appeal most certainly have to take example from Thani Oruvan’s Sid and grow that stubble. Aren’t the mademoiselles more inclined to the bad guys??

4. Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada: The Square-Cut beard.

AYM casts Simbu with a square beard making almost 60° angles near the start and the dip. After Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya, the poetic combo of Gautham Menon, Simbu and A.R.Rahman is sure to cause a wave of emotions through Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada. “Paaka Paaka Pesa Pesa love...clean pure love!” -A poet in the shoes of a filmmaker is GVM and who better to voice such wisdom other than Simbu. In the recent trailer and teaser releases, we see Simbu riding a Classic 350, and donning a square cut beard, not without reason. The movie’s title “Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada” certainly suggests that  Simbu’s character in the movie is  that of an adventurous, good spirited and confident person. The fact that for such a role, GVM chose this beard style for his protagonist must tell you something about it. Square cut beards are for the adventurers who have time just enough for a casual trim. And after AYM, men having such style of beard are sure to be looked upon as a men of purpose. Who doesn’t love a man of purpose?

3.. Premam: Medium-Thick beard.

Malayalam film Premam which was also a great hit in Chennai, cast Nivin Pauly in a rugged bearded look in the scenes depicting his college days where he romances his professor Sai Pallavi. The song Kalippu features high testosterone levels by  showcasing three bearded men establishing their supremacy in college. It stole the hearts of more than a million damsels. The rugged look as a result of this beard is sure to fetch you the respect as the person, people go to in case of trouble. The fact that not everyone can grow the thick beard also makes one to stand out from the herd.  Whether or not there’s going to be a Tamil remake, one can surely vie to become the local George.

2. Iru mugan: The Hipster beard.

A person with a hipster beard gives out an aura suggesting that there is another person lurking inside the one outside. First look posters of Vikram’s Iru mugan have revealed that Vikram will be sporting a long hipster beard in the movie. From the title of the movie, there is no doubt why the crew decided to make Vikram sport this style of beard. The science behind the hipster beard is simple- More beard means more dominance, since beard is becoming a matter of dominance in the modern culture where men not capable of growing a beard are left lamenting. The moment the movie gets released, social media is going to be flooded with posts of  womenfolk drooling over Vikram’s new countenance. Posting beard selfies during that time is surely going to earn a few comments like “Hey looking like Iru Mugan Vikram da” and some much needed likes from the ladies.

1. Kabaali: The  Winter beard.

Thalaivar. Gangster role. Full beard. Connect the dots and you will know why this is the most important point you must take into consideration and put away the razors. The full beard more than suggests that the person is of a commanding nature- a leader of the pack. Superstar’s style never goes without being imitated by his fans, and it is definitely going to do away the ‘devadas’ cliche attached to the beard and establish  its supremacy.  Wasn’t it the same in the case of ‘mottai’ after ‘Motta Boss’? The full winter beard is surely a great choice for men of maturity.

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