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Sound designer Udhayakumar talks about Vetri Maaran, Visaranai and more!
With Visaranai getting rave reviews even before its release, the venture’s sound designer Udhayakumar engages in a light chit chat with us.
What’s special about Visaranai?
Visaranai is a gift! A boon for technicians like me. This is the third time I have collaborated with Vetri Maaran post Aadukalam and Polladhavan.What’s special about the movie is that when we were making the festival version, we made it devoid of any music. 
This is a first time experience for me and Vetri Maaran. We wanted to make sure that the lack of music in the venture isn't noticed by the audience. I guess we succeeded with regard to that, for people who have seen the festival version of the movie till now have told us that there’s no need to add music given that it already feels like a complete package. Be it Priyadarshan, Ram, Mysskin or Balaji Sakthivel, all of them have told me that the movie is completely awesome devoid of music. 
What made you accept the project?
I accepted it mainly because it is Vetri Maaran’s project. He convinced me stating that this movie will be shot quickly and that it wouldn't be postponed at any cost. Vetri also stated that the venture will not be risky and we took one year to complete it. We started last March and it’s almost one year now as you can see it. Only for the theatrical release, we decided to add music.
I have sound-mixed without any drama. Without any enlargement or boosting I have subtly added sound to the movie which is something that is highly unique indeed. We wanted to have the movie’s sound similar to the raw footage from sets.
Did you face any difficulties while canning the venture?
Walkie talkie sequences in the venture were very difficult. We faced a lot of issues in Andhra-TN border. We took a lot of risk and recorded the walkie talkie scenes with original sounds. For dubbing too, we recorded direct walkie talkie conversations between a police officer and a convict. Lots of important scenes were shot with an original walkie talkie.
Are you happy about the response to the movie?
I am definitely proud and happy of the reviews that we’re receiving for the venture. Though we expected the movie to make an impact, we are euphoric about the way it is being acclaimed. Given that sound forms the base for crime thriller movies, I am happy that raw sounds are being accepted by the film goers. I hope that this becomes a trend and this movie sets a new benchmark for people to engage in the same in future. We really hope that the movie becomes a commercial success and that it influences sound mixing in the future. 


Sound designer Udhayakumar talks about Vetri Maaran, Visaranai and more!

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