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Social Activist Eswari files case against Gayathri Raguramm for using the word Cheri in Bigg Boss show

Gayathri Raguramm has already been facing the heat for her controversial statements at the Bigg Boss house. Mrs. Eswari, a popular social activist has filed a case against Gayathri Raguramm for the usage of cuss words in the show.

We got in touch with Lawyer Mr.Dhurvasan, who has taken up this case. He told, "On the episode that got telecasted on the 11th of July, Gayathri Raguramm used the word, 'cheri', which was so cheap. We filed a case already against her under PCR 1952 and 1989 ACTs. But in spite of that, she again used the same word in yesterday's episode (23rd July), but the word got muted (censored). So, we have decided to file the case again. Social activist Eswari has filed this case and I would be handling it."

Stay tuned and we would update you more on this.