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Director Gaurav talks about Bigg Boss contestants Bharani and Gayathri Raghuramm

As we had reported earlier, director Gaurav of Thoonga Nagaram and Sigaram Thodu fame had posted a video through his social media account supporting Bigg Boss contestant Bharani post the controversy that sprang up recently. The director has now posted another video and has shared his extended views on contestant Bharani and the show. He said:

The other participants of the Bigg Boss show are all my friends. From Harathi, Snehan to Gayathri, all of them are known to me. I think they should have come forward and supported Bharani. If a  guy has been with you for 2 weeks and you have seen him, people should have told what problems he caused to them instead of generalising his character. Girls especially, nobody mentioned any of this specifically. If you don’t like him, you should say that and not brand him as a bad character. Doing this is actually equal to killing him.

If someone spoke like that about my character, I would take it as my victory that people are talking about me and would believe I have won the battle there. But Bharani is innocent and timid natured and nothing close to cunning. He just speaks out in a confident manner and otherwise he is an innocent and nice guy who is completely harmless.

So many girls are there in the show and not a single person complained about him in specific and they are justgeneralising his character. Gayathri Raghuramm, I know you personally since we worked together for a song in Thoonga Nagaram. Please dont character assassinate anyone on general basis as it could happen to anyone next. I strongly support Bharani on this aspect and I will be ready to tell this anywhere.

Director Gaurav talks about Bigg Boss contestants Bharani and Gayathri Raghuramm

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