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Kamal Haasan talks about Bigg Boss controversy, Rajinikanth's political entry and more

Kamal Haasan had a press meet just a few minutes back to address the media about the latest controversies that are surrounding Bigg Boss.

He opened up about the show by saying, "I wouldn't lie by telling I am doing Bigg Boss for a social cause. If I had written the screenplay for Gayathri Raguramm and given her, I can apologize if her activities have affected people. But, nothing is in my hands. They talk what comes to their mind and it is natural.


About the Tamil Thaai Vaazhthu controversy, no one has degraded the poem.  Most of them don't know Tamil fully in that show, and hence, they taught Tamil Thaai Vaazhthu to them. It is not wrong and I don't think they have degraded or showcased the poem on a cheaper note. To be frank, how many of us know to spell and sing our National Anthem Jana Gana Mana, without any pronunciation mistake?


They are all talking about culture and tradition. When the culture hasn't changed and spoiled in spite of having kissing scenes in films like Sattam En Kaiyil and others, I am sure Bigg Boss wouldn't impact the culture and tradition.  Also, there are talks about the usage of cuss words in the show. When we cannot eradicate and stop using an evil bad word called, 'caste', the words used in the show aren't as bad as they proclaim."

When he was asked about Rajinikanth's political controversies, he said, "Even if Rajinikanth joins politics, I would question him if he doesn't act correctly according to situations. I was the person to tell that our system is not good and perfect. Whichever government it maybe, I will continue to voice out my opinions."

He was also asked about the ongoing Malayalam actress abduction case and the arrest of Dileep for which he said, "It doesn't matter if she is a heroine or a normal woman. It is the duty and responsibility of every single man, including me, to safeguard and protect women. We are not supporting Bhavana, because she's an actress. It is about the safety of every single woman. It doesn't matter if I have told the name now. Why not the name? There is nothing wrong in it. Don't hide that name."

Kamal Haasan talks about Bigg Boss controversy, Rajinikanth's political entry and more

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