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Amit Bhargav comes in support for Bharani in the Bigg Boss controversy

Bharani was disqualified from Bigg Boss yesterday (10th July), when he tried to escape from the house in which he was staying, along with other fellow contestants. People like Gayathri Raguramm accused him by commenting that there is no protection for the women in the house when Bharani is there. This comment turned out to be controversial and it has been the talk of the town since morning. 

Amit Bhargav, the popular TV serial actor, posted a video on his Facebook page to clarify Gayathri Raguramm's accusations against Bharani. He said, "I met Bharani during a show called Achcham Thavir in 2016. I was there for the first one or two weeks in the show, and during that time, I had interacted with Bharani, and I know about him to an extent.

In the yesterday's episode of Bigg Boss, there was a false accusation made on him stating that, if he is there in the house, there would be no protection for the women around. After seeing that, I was deeply hurt. He is such an innocent and a very respectable person when it comes to girls protection, and I do not know how they came to that conclusion.

Whenever he talks about someone, he talks only good things about them. I am not sure why these people have to make false accusations and defame him. I might or might not be his closest friend, but as far as what I know, he is one of the nicest persons I have ever met. I can understand and realize what kind of pain he must be undergoing now. When all the 14 people inside the house keep on targeting him and push him aside alone, obviously, he would feel bad and get depressed.

It was a very cheap comment that was made on him, and no one came for his support. At least Vaiyapuri brother tried to go and speak to him, but other than him, no one else went. I am happy that he is now out of the show. I do not know much about his personal attitudes and behavior, but I do know that he is very much respectable, when it comes to the protection of women. This is my personal statement, and I wanted to clarify this to all the people out there. Statements like these would bring him a bad name, and it is tough to remove that tag.

If you guys believe in what I say, I would be more than happy. That comment was a very very big mistake and crime. If all these happen behind the wall, I have no problem with it. But here, the whole world is seeing this show, and that is why I got angry when a wrong comment was made against him. I don't want his reputation to get spoiled. I wish Bharani to come out of all the mental stress and lead a happy life. All the best Bharani.

Stars like Sripriya, and Shanthnu Bhagyaraj too, lent their support to Bharani. Srirpiya tweeted, "Wasn't there1peson with humanity in BB house2talk 2bharani?felt all ganging up against one is unfair,I feel vaiyapuri's cry was out of guilt", while Shanthnu's tweet read, "Completely agreed. what happ to Actor Bharani is unacceptable  #BigBossTamil"

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Amit Bhargav comes in support for Bharani in the Bigg Boss controversy

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