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Producer Council's decision on wages and services of workers

In the ongoing tussle between the FEFSI and Producer Council regarding wage and other problems, Producer Council has issued a press note which is as follows:


“Talks were held at various stages between Producer Council and FEFSI  regarding the wage issues. There have been reports that some members from FEFSI have been acting arbitrarily, demanding random wages and creating problems for the producers. FEFSI is also not paying much attention to these issues. This has been going for a long time and as a result, outlandish wages are being demanded by the FEFSI workers from producers.


Producer Council is neither against the FEFSI nor its workers. It is the duty of the producer to pay the workers commensurate with his work. But at the same time, the council will not accept on any day, an unjustifiable demanding of the producers.  


Considering all these, the Producer Council is requesting all its producers to pay the wages fixed by the Council to the workers. From 25th July 2017,  producers can use the services of any worker who they find suitable”.

Producer Council's decision on wages and services of workers

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