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Sameer Bharat Ram message to young filmmakers

Director and actor Vijay Kumar’s Uriyadi produced by Sameer Bharat Ram was a critically acclaimed film of the year 2016. It’s realistic making and breathtaking dhaba action sequence was widely appreciated by one and all. The last few years has seen a lot of young filmmakers entering the Tamil film industry and it is believed that content-oriented small budget films have the potential to do well at the box-office too.

Inviting young makers who have a strong script, producer Sameer Bharat Ram took to his social media handle and posted, “If we need to make films to address issues we should place the story in the heartland of where the issue is. #CallingOut young writers / film makers who have such a strong script? Am Willing to do another #Uriyadi”. Looks like a big opportunity for the talented youngsters out there.


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Sameer Bharat Ram message to young filmmakers

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