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Uriyadi fame Vijay Kumar talks about Jallikattu protests

Uriyadi director Vijay Kumar, in an exclusive chat with Behindwoods opened up about Jallikattu protests, which are happening all over Tamil Nadu.

He said, "Earlier, if any unfortunate incident happens, say, a bomb blast, the politicians would strongly condemn the people who initiated and executed that incident and get back to work. Youngsters see politicians in this perspective only. Likewise, politicians and old people see youngsters as people who just show their anger in social media. But for the first time, the students and youngsters have shown the world that they will come out to the field to express their feelings. There is no caste discrimination here. When there is a problem for Tamilnadu's culture, they have proven to the world that they will join hands together as a Tamilian, irrespective of what caste he/she belongs to.

Women have broken all the barriers and extended their support for this cause. They have come out of all the fairy and fancy tales that are tied with them. This issue has made the entire Tamilnadu join as a whole. There is a common assumption which I want to share it here. People claimed that if Madras people faces a problem, other districts will come to the rescue, but it will not happen the other way round. But this assumption has been proven wrong by all the people of Tamilnadu now. We, as Tamilians know how to take care of our women and we have also shown that to the outside world. The unity and harmony of a state cannot be proven more than this.

Eight years ago, beyond the Marina beach, Eela Tamils were killed. Even at that time, people stood up together for the cause. They protested, they showed their anger, frustration and everything. But, it was all dominated and diverted by smart and intelligent politics very soon. After eight years, external forces are trying to interfere with Tamil's culture and ban our traditional practice. All the suppressed anger has risen back now today. Laws are made for the betterment and protection of the citizens. The law shouldn't have any second thoughts about a particular caste, culture or tradition. Everyone knows about the rich and valued heritage that the Tamil language carries. That is why the language has been termed as 'semmozhi'. Be it any foreign company; you don't have to teach me about my culture. I know what is right and what is wrong.

On behalf of all the youngsters who are protesting, I kindly request the Central Government to look into this issue seriously and give permission for this Jallikattu to happen."

Uriyadi fame Vijay Kumar talks about Jallikattu protests

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