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Vijay Kumar voices out against NEET exams

There are many Tamil film directors voicing out their opinion against NEET. Director Vijay Kumar of Uriyadi fame has released a video where he strongly condemns the youngsters who are trending entertainment videos, like Jimmiki Kammal, when there are a big group of students in TN protesting for NEET. He also has a request to the girl who performed the dance to make a video for NEET after researching about it, so it reaches many people. Check out the full video to know more.


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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Wroclaw University, Poland lauds Uriyadi Vijay Kumar

Uriyadi, written, directed, produced and acted by Vijay Kumar was a political action thriller that got good reviews. The film has been appreciated by  Institute Of Political Science, Wroclaw University Poland and their note of appreciation is as follows:

“Dear Mr Vijay Kumar,
On behalf of the students and employees of the Institute of Political Science, we would like to express our gratitude to you for all you have done for our students. They had the opportunity to participate in a film screening that broadened their horizons and opened up to other political experiences. Those attending the show was impressed by difficult subject,
realism and intensity of the movie, as well as by unusual, untypical way of its narration. Before the film screening, Mr Bartosz Czamotta gave a lecture on the Tamil Film Industry and the history and culture of Tamilnadu. Mr. Czamotta made his speech summed up as follows: Students and lecturers asked several questions about the caste system, its depictions in movies, and its possible political consequences. They raised interesting questions and made fresh observations about the way of creating political influence, as depicted in Uriyadi. There were also some questions about social reformers, such as Periyar, and how they influenced socio-political landscape of Tamilnadu, The audience was interested in the education system in India and its comparison with the Polish one. And there were even questions about dormitories in India. The audience was pretty impressed by the fact that the producer is so young and they expressed desire to watch more movies like Uriyadi in future. We believe that lectures combined with film projection can be an interesting way to teach about politics and decision making in different countries. Thank you for allowing students to watch your movie Uriyadi.

Executive Board Members of the Institute of Political Science”


That is definitely a feather in Vijay Kumar’s cap. Congrats Vijay Kumar!