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Raja Bheema is an upcoming film with Arav in the lead role alongside Ashima Narwal while Oviya plays an extended cameo. The film is directed by Naresh Sampath and produced by S Mohan. The film deals with the premise of man-animal relationship. 

Raja Bheema director reveals Arav was tossed by an elephant

Speaking about the movie, director Naresh revealed that, "Yes, indeed. It was really a huge process of shooting across different places, especially in the thick and dense forests. Well, certain things look nice when planned on paper, but to experience something unexpected on the shooting spot is a real big hurdle to cross. 

In this aspect, we had to go through certain issues. Especially, it was difficult for Arav who was tossed by elephant. Although, he had befriended it prior to the shooting, this was completely unexpected.

The slippery rocks and grounds were yet another hurdle that we had to come across during the shooting in forests. However, we are now finally happy that the entire shooting has been wrapped up."

The producer revealed that the post-production work is underway and the makers are planning for a summer release. Stay tuned for more updates.