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From the moment a mother gives birth to a child, from the moment she holds her tiny one for the first time until her death, a mother is there for her children, wishing them well, supporting them, correcting them and taking care of them. She will take on the whole world for you, will oppose the entire society to be on your side.

Popular actor breaks down, pens an emotional post for late mother Mona Shourie Kapoor ft Arjun Kapoor

The death of such a beloved person is surely one of the most unfortunate incidents that can happen in a person's life, but coping up with the same, and the mere mention of their mother’s name brings tears in their eyes. But life moves on none the less. Such anniversaries are hard, and here is an emotional post by Arjun Kapoor, remembering his beloved mother Mona Shourie Kapoor!

He notes: "I wish I could be at home like this today would have felt safe & maybe even smiled more than anyone has ever seen me smile. It’s been 8 years today since you left us Mom... the world has come to a standstill now but mine & @anshulakapoor s world was shattered when u left forget standing still.... we have tried to pick up the pieces some days are tougher than others though... I’ve managed to survive 8 years of being an actor & a working individual she’s also started her own business with @fankindofficial !!!"

He also adds: "Anshula more or less runs the house and I run to her if I need something in the house or in life... the world has changed Maa right now in this moment I wish I had you at home would have spent so much time with u that I couldn’t when I was trying to lose weight do my acting classes and when I was away shooting ishaqzaade during ur chemotherapy... would have tried to make up for the nonstop sprinting that I would have been upto and maybe taken u for granted... I love u Maa I miss u Maa... I miss having ur name show up on my phone to check up on me... I just hope wherever you are you are happy and watching over ur 2 brats 🤗"

Such a heartmelting post! He has also added a throwback picture with his mom! Check it out here!

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