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Parthiepan's statement on his office being robbed

There were a few reports claiming that popular director-actor Parthiepan's office at Thiruvanmiyur was burgled. His awards, honourable accolades, and a few other valuable items were reportedly stolen. When we got in touch with the Naanum Rowdy Dhaan actor, he placed a genuine request, for the welfare of Tamil Nadu.

"It is a personal loss to me, and I can handle the issue. I am not interested in this news, going to media and channels, and I do not want the attention to turn my way. People are fighting for the justice in Asifa's case, and then, there is our Cauvery issue, and the current state of affairs is itself worrying. So, it would be nice if we can direct people towards that, and not this. It would be good if my personal issue is not exaggerated. People have other issues to follow.", said Parthiepan.


Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Ashok Kumar suicide case R Parthiepan statement

Actor R. Parthiepan has made a moving statement regarding the loan shark controversy due to which producer Ashok Kumar has taken his own life:

"This incident is an example of someone as soft, emotional and sensitive as Ashok Kumar cannot survive in the film industry. If this situation continues, usury alone and bad people alone will exist.

I could not have been educated had my mother's
thaali not been mortgaged. I sold a bungalow of mine in Valasaravakkam for Rs. 74 lakhs to return a debt of just Rs. 20 lakhs, and it is now worth Rs. 7 crore. I have not had any balance dues with any financier to date, and I ensure that always.

Recently, when director-actor Cheran faced a situation where he had to evacuate his office, I offered him my office space. I myself rent an office space for Rs. 20,000 in Thiruvanmiyur. It was simply the will to help out a friend. If that will becomes strong in each of us, we can beat this problem. We always say, "Approach the 
sangam for any problems of yours." But whether we actually do solve the problems of a man in need is still an unanswered question.

The solution to all these problems in the industry is all of the people in it coming together, talking about it and setting up some forum to address these problems and find help from other selfless individuals."

Parthiepan's statement on his office being robbed

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