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Rohini Multiplex, a popular theatre in Chennai is known for its special shows and celebrations by fans. Recently, they hosted a special show to mark the 50th day of Viswasam and chaos erupted during the show.

No more special shows in Rohini after fans damage theatre property during 50th day special show of Ajith’s Viswasam

Post the show, the theatre management took to Twitter to share how the screens have been damaged. Rhevanth Charan, executive director of Rohini, said “Terribly atrocious behaviour .. Such Ill minded . COMPLETE ABUSE of full freedom given. Losing the morale of screening special shows just because of a few cheap people bringing disgrace to the entire fans. This seems deliberate and no one can stoop so low. #Viswasam.”

This act by some fans has left the theatre management in fury, as the the cost incurred in repairing the damages is very high. Rhevanth also posted a tweet saying “No more special shows at @RohiniSilverScr until we find a permanent solution to safeguard our properties.”