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Music director Siddharth Vipin on his baddie role in Navarasa Thilagam

Music director Siddharth Vipin will be seen in front of the camera in the upcoming Navarasa Thilagam where Ma Ka Pa Anand and Srushti Dange play the leads with Karunakaran as hero’s friend. Although he has played cameo roles in films like Idharkuthaanae Aasaipattai Balakumara (IDHABA), Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham and VSOP, in Navarasa Thilagam, Siddharth, for the first time will be playing a lengthy role and that too with a negative shade.


On this, Siddharth says, “I was not keen to play this role as I am quite happy with my cameos with 2-3 days of shoot. But director Kamran and the producer insisted that I do this and that’s when I gave in. One thing that attracted me to the role was that its negative shade. My hobbies in the movie are girls, smoking, and smuggling but with a humorous touch. And also, this is the only film where I am not in love with the heroine!!!


The film is a total fun ride. Kamran has worked with director Boopathy Pandian and you can see where his comedy sense comes from”.


On the music composition of the film, Siddharth states, “It is a folk based rural film. Anthony Daasan has sung two songs with Karthik, Naresh and Anita rendering a number each".   


Siddharth also adds that he will be acting in Kashmora and the character will be an extension of his role in IDHABA. He adds, “I was in college with the heroine then and now I will be working with her”.


Music director Siddharth Vipin on his baddie role in Navarasa Thilagam

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