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Music director Siddharth Vipin's production venture Lens

Music composer Siddharth Vipin has donned on a different hat and this time around, he has taken the responsibility of producing a Tanglish feature film titled as Lens. The film is a hostage drama set in the world of video-chat rooms. Thematically the story revolves around the lust for voyeurism in the digital world and its consequences. The film was shot live while the actors lived their parts over SKYPE.


Siddharth tells behindwoods what made him produce this film, “In today's world, when social media plays such a vital role in bringing the world closer, we unknowingly are letting people enter not only our lives, but also our houses. LENS is a story that can happen to anyone of us. After watching the film, the impact of the film will be with you for a few days at least. The theme was very striking that I wanted to be a part of this film and that’s the reason I have produced and also scored music for Lens.”


The film has been screened in many festivals and has won laurels. Apparently the response for the film has been great, especially from women audience.


Lens is directed by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan and cinematography is by SR Kathir. The theatrical release of the film is expected soon.


Music director Siddharth Vipin's production venture Lens

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