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Vijay Sethupathi sings for an untitled film, featuring Vaibhav Reddy for Siddharth Vipin's music

We had reported some time back that Vijay Sethupathi had rendered his voice for a promo track in Orange Mittai directed by Biju Viswanath under the musical direction of Justin Prabhakaran.


Looks like the indie hero has once again stretched his vocal chords for a number in an untitled film under Siddharth Vipin’s musical score. The film features Vaibhav Reddy and Aishwarya Rajesh in lead roles and is directed by Bhaskar, and produced by Sundar C and Khushbu. The shooting for this film is almost done.


Talking to behindwoods on how he brought in Vijay Sethupathi to sing, music director Siddharth Vipin says,


“In the film, hero Vaibhav belongs to North Madras and there are a lot of North Madras words in the song. Therefore, I wanted the singer to be proficient in this tongue. Vijay Sethupathi is someone who is very good with the North Madras slang. I felt that the words will sound better if he emotes them.


So, I spoke to him about this a week back. And I also consulted with Sundar C sir who was quite open to any new idea. All that he said was – ‘you guys do whatever you want and give me a good product’. Once Vijay heard the track, he asked me if I really believe that he could sing. I told him to go ahead. One session is over as of now and there is one more session to wrap the song up.”


The lyrics for this song are written by Prabha who has also penned a number in Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Gethu. Siddharth states that Prabha has done a wonderful job.


Siddharth further adds that Vijay Sethupathi had earlier sung the En Veettula number in Idharkuthaanae Aasaipattai Balakumara just for fun. “I forced him to sing then and of course we did not release it. But this song was perfect for him and he has added his touch to it”, signs off Siddharth Vipin. We are waiting to hear of course!


Vijay Sethupathi sings for an untitled film, featuring Vaibhav Reddy for Siddharth Vipin's music

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