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Arulnithi talks about his upcoming film Aarathu Sinam

Shooting of Aarathu Sinam directed by Arivazhagan is completed and hero Arulnithi talks about the film, his role and his working experience in the film.


What made you do Aarathu Sinam?

Aarathu Sinam is a direct remake of Malayalam film Memories directed by Jeethu Joseph. After I completed Demonte Colony, Thenandal Murali sir and I were listening to scripts when sir suggested the remake of Memories. He had the remake rights of the film and asked me to see it. I generally take a long time to choose a script as every film is important for actors these days. I liked the movie, it was intense and gripping.


Would Aarathu Sinam be an exact copy of Memories?

All the important elements of Memories will be there in this film too. You can’t say Aarathu Sinam will be a ditto of Memories.  The strengths of the original version are something different and we have retained that with the addition of Arivazhagan’ style of film making. Our main aim was not to spoil the original in terms of its content and feel.


Did you have any apprehensions that you will be compared to Prithviraj?

The general pattern is when you see a film, you will be adapted to it. When that film is being remade, however good it is, however well made it is, the dangers of comparisons are always there. To my best, I have justified this role. I have behaved like an alcoholic cop. When you see it as a film, you will realize that.


Working with Arivazhagan

From Vallinam days, Arivazhagan and I wanted to work together and fortunately it happened in this film. I have mostly worked with first time directors but for Chimbu Deven, Pandiraj and Arivazhagan. Each director has got his own strengths. Pandiraj is versatile and Chimbu Deven’s dialogues would be very strong. In that context, Arivazhagan is known for his distinct making style which has been unanimously acknowledged by people.


While remaking a film, it is just enough that you don’t spoil the original. If you convey it properly, your success is guaranteed as you are dealing with an already successful product. You will realize in Aarathu Sinam that Arivazhagan has respected Jeethu’s work immensely. Important elements have never been disturbed. Some people might want to film certain things in a specific way as an idea can be modified in various ways. But in Aarathu Sinam, Arivazhagan has used the idea in his style. He has transformed me beautifully into a matured actor in the film. I try earnestly to deliver variations in every film of mine and I believe I have done that with this film too.   


Aishwarya Rajesh

Aishwarya Rajesh is a very good actress who goes for variety in her characters in her films. In Aarathu Sinam she is doing my wife’s role. At this point in her career, she does not have to do this. The reason why she chose Aarathu Sinam is the trust she has on the script, Thenandal Films and Arivazhagan sir.   Whatever be the role, she performs effortlessly. 


Other projects

All along, I have been choosing my stories patiently and I will continue to do the same. Every film of mine is important. I have age and time on my side. I know people come to my films not because of me but for my scripts. When my strength is selection of scripts, I would like it to remain that way. I will not do films that glorify or hero worship me. I have okayed a few scripts. I need to discuss them. Very soon, I will be announcing my next project.



Wish you the best Arulnithi and the Team Aarathu Sinam!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar



Arulnithi talks about his upcoming film Aarathu Sinam

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