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Interview Team : Kaushik L M

The tall and well-built Arulnithi has rarely put a foot wrong in his fledgling career till date. Most of his choices have worked out well and have earned him a good name as an actor to watch out for. With DeMonte Colony set to release tomorrow, May 22nd, Arul chats with Kaushik in this free-wheeling interview. Read on … 

Your career graph seems to be slow, steady and well planned. What's your intent and which space are you looking at ?

There is no separate plan as such but as long as I act I would give importance to good scripts. I don't specifically plan the kind of films I do and their genres, but the script has to be strong. Be it Vamsam or Mounaguru or Thagararu or Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavanigalum (OKMK) or my upcoming films, DeMonte Colony and Naalu Policeum Nalla Irundha Oorum (NPNO), they are all script-driven. I am blank when I listen to a story and if the script is good, I approve it.

Your choice of scripts is good. Who is the biggest influence in your choices or you take the call totally ?

I primarily take a call and it is important that I, more than anyone else, get convinced as I am the one who has to go daily and act on spot. Like all others I also take suggestions from about 4 to 5 well wishers. They may have contrasting opinions but I take the final call. 

Your sleeper hit Mouna Guru has a cult status. Are you happy about the film going to Bollywood now and getting a bigger platform? 

I am very happy no doubt. Whatever accolade the movie gets, I will be thrilled as I was associated with it. When the movie goes to Bollywood and more and more people experience it and realize its quality it is a very good thing indeed.

Disappointed about the box office response to your films like OKMK and Thagararu, which had some good reviews ?

OKMK was adversely affected by a bad release date and we couldn't get good number of screens due to other films running. Not all good films run nowadays and it would take some more time for all good films to do well in our box-office.
OKMK has fetched me a good name and in fact 6 out of my total 7 films would be accepted as good films, after DeMonte and NPNO release. After some more years, this number would swell to 20 good films and then one of my films may totally take the box-office by storm and compensate for all the other setbacks. More than being a belief, this would happen for sure. 
For me Thagaraaru and Vamsam are very important films for my reach down South. 

It would take some more time for all good films to do well in our box-office.

With two back to back releases now, are you feeling excited ? 

Both the films have come out well and I am very satisfied. Nowadays horror films are doing very well but I didn't select DeMonte just for the trend's sake. I listened to the story totally blank and realized that it is a horror film only about 15 to 20 minutes into the narration. After that, I must have listened to the story from Ajay at least 10 times. The way he narrated the screenplay was so interesting. Generally for horror films we wouldn't feel like seeing again after getting to know the suspense the first time. But here it is different.
NPNO is a contemporary comedy. It is a beautifully pleasant film.

Are you scared of ghosts in real life ? Do you believe in paranormal activities?

Nobody knows for sure about the existence of ghosts. No one can be certain about this factor. I haven't seen or experienced the paranormal till now, touch wood (laughs). If I had experienced it, then may be I would react in the same way as I have done in the film.
After Yavarum Nalam and Eeram this would be a good serious horror thriller. We haven't done any comedy in the core concept i.e. ghosts, with which we are playing. We haven't forced comedy elements into the film, just for the sake of it. It wouldn't work out, had we done so.
In horror comedies, the ghost is turned into a comedy element and it has worked very well for those films. That is a different genre but we haven't ventured into comedy here.

We haven't forced comedy elements into the film, just for the sake of it.

Your favorite horror movies ? And your references for DeMonte Colony's possessed scenes? 

I didn't see any horror film as a reference for this film. Among horror films I really liked the first part of Paranormal Activity, more than the latter parts. Other than that Conjuring was good. But a thing with such horror films is people shout and scream in theaters while seeing such films due to their fear, and the dialogues are drowned out.
In Tamil I really liked Pisaasu. More than being afraid or averse to ghosts here the love and relationship with a ghost was portrayed so beautifully. Radha Ravi sir was splendid in the film. 

Are you confident about DeMonte Colony’s success given the horror genre's pull, Thenandal Films’ involvement and the  well-received trailer? 

We have good belief and confidence in our product and we are also confident that Thenandal Films would reach the film very well. They always associate with good films. We have to wait and watch the extent of our film's reach but the overall feeling on the product is good.

With Masss coming on May 29th, do you think 22 is a good date? 

For the target that we have in mind, I think it is a very good date. I think the film will hold well for sure, if the word of mouth is good. I don't know what set of theaters we will get and Masss will get, but even if there is a clash, we will get the smaller screens. But everything is based on the report that the film generates.

We should get the smaller screens after Masss.

What was your preparation for the police role in NPNO? What can we expect from that film? It seems to be a total comedy like Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom and Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara (the producer’s earlier films)

Like always, I hit the gym and that is something which I do regularly for my body's well-being. Other than that, nothing specific. Director Krishna wanted a spick and span, fit and tough young cop. Generally in villages, constables are young while the ettaiyya (played by Singam Puli Annan) would be plump and unfit. Bucks plays the SI. So I have fitted the character description as a fit young cop.
The film will have very good comedy and it would be like travelling into a village, immersing into the experience and coming out. There will also be a good message about thinking and acting and not doing things in haste. The message by director Krishna wouldn't be preachy but when the final wordings are displayed on screen, the impact would be felt for sure. This would again be a crisp product.

Are you finding it hard to get heroines for your height ? 

People are getting used to my height (6'2). Some taller heroines are also coming in and it isn't that big a problem now (laughs).

What next ?

I am waiting for these 2 films to release and also have an important personal commitment (marriage). Will decide after all this.
Good Luck Arul !!!



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