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Kamal Haasan's answers from Tuticorin press meet after his Sterlite Protest

Kamal Hassan participated in the Sterlite Protest ​that is happening in Tuticorin. Here’s a compilation of his select answers from the Q&A session with the press.


Q: What do you think of the State and Central governments still keeping mum over the issue?


A: That's a known fact right. Without their approval, a big mistake like this wouldn't have happened. This has happened only with the knowledge of the government. ​Those behind ​Sterlite have overruled all big obstacles and made it happen. A doubt arises now whether ​the ​Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has done ​its duty right or not. There is an order that there should be a green belt area and there is no such certification in regard to the green belt from those people​​. I went there personally and checked it in person​ to find that ​there is no such certification. We also have to check whether the area ​in ​which they are now (inside SIPCOT), belongs to them or have they extended the area. They haven't got the license to establish their property in TIP (Tuticorin Industrial Park) but it seems they have started to work on it. Few people in Chennai are sitting in rooms and debating on the issue; whether is it right to protest. I have now seen all the children who are affected because of Sterlite. This kind of injustice should not happen in a clean, democratic India.


​​Q: Do you personally have any request to the government?


A: My personal request to the ​g​overnment is they don’t allow for an extension. Probably they should consider closing the factory. Because nothing is more important than the lives of the people. Copper isn't essential than lives. If they are considering that important​,​ they should have allowed to build the factory in a red zone where people don't reside. What is the need for them to do it in an area where people live and do farming? We can't agree to it simply because they give a reason ​stating ​that the port is close​ ​by.


​​Q: Sterlite is the ​major ​problem of Tuticorin​, while the larger problem in Tamil Nadu pertains to agriculture​. DMK has organized an all-party meet ​on the Cauvery Issue. Haven't they invited you? Or you didn't attend it?


A: As far as I know, I wasn't invited to the meeting. If they had invited,​ I would have probably attended it. On April 4, we are gonna speak about it in Trichy.


​​Q: Minister Kadambur Raju has commented that you are here for publicity.​..​


A: That's a wrong fact. I don't need publicity. With people's support, I have been getting enough publicity since I was five years old (referencing to Kalathur Kannamma days). I don't need publicity. I am doing this now to answer my mind. I have to do justice.


Q: Are you going to take this forward legally in ​a ​court?


A: That should be decided after a meeting with my party people. We have a lot of advocates and intelligent technicians. We will decide it after having a meeting with them.


​​Q: After Madurai and Trichy, do you have plans to visit people from other places in Tamil Nadu? If yes, will it be during the election time?


A: Yes, we are planning to visit people throughout Ta​​mil Nadu. It will be happening immediately. During election it will be a different kind of rally. Now it's my duty to meet them.


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Kamal Haasan says he is planning to invite Rajini for discussion

Film personality-turned-politician Kamal Haasan is currently making rounds in Tamil Nadu for his political endeavors. He is currently planning a discussion by trying to bring in the top politicians from Tamil Nadu to voice their opinions on the Cauvery issue. 

He has claimed that this discussion will go beyond the fact that they have differences in opinion and they will be coming together for Tamil Nadu's right. 

In a recent press meet, he said, "I have already spoken to people like Tamilisai Soundarrajan, MK Stalin, Vijayakanth and a few others. We are working on the plans to meet Rajinikanth as well, and I am planning to invite him for the discussion too."

Kamal Haasan's answers from Tuticorin press meet after his Sterlite Protest

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