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Kalairani talks about how she trained Ritika Singh in Irudhi Suttru

Kalairaani is a lady Superstar in theatre circles and her roles as the mother for heroes in Mudhalvan and Dum Dum Dum are unforgettable. With so many films to her credit, an unknown side of her is going to be told now.


Having learnt acting from the Chennai Film Institute and also being a part of Koothu P Pattarai for so long, the experienced artist has been training a lot of new-comers in the industry. Before such débutants face the camera, they go through a process of strenuous learning from Kalairani and the recent success story is Ritika Singh in Irudhi Suttru.


When asked about her stint in the industry, Kalairani says, ''Mani Ratnam sir called me and asked me to train Gautham Karthik and Thulasi for Kadal. Starting from basic routines to teaching them an actual scene, Mani sir also shared the script with me and made me teach them the actual scenes. This is quite unusual for a Mani Ratnam film. I also did some ice-breaking session with Thulasi in Yaan also. Actress Radha wanted me to give extensive tips to Thulasi to get acting right. Even Lakshman was my student during the shoot of Jeeva. In the recent times, I've also taught for actors in Oru Naal Koothu and Metro. Ritika Singh from Irudhi Suttru fame was also under my tutelage for about 7 days.


Specifically talking about Ritika, since she was a real fighter, her focus was amazing. We blindfolded her and gave her an exercise to emote using only her body. Her raw energy is a rare quality and she's a real talent. Whenever I expected a level from her, she always surprised with more and more result. When I've been stereotyped in films, teaching acting to such beginners give me great level of satisfaction''.


With her active involvement in acting and also teaching, Kalairaani is pretty much the reason for fresh talent scoring big time on screen.


Kalairani talks about how she trained Ritika Singh in Irudhi Suttru

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