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Ritika Singh's tiring experience while shooting Irudhi Suttru climax.

Irudhi Suttru's prospects are still obvious at the box-office and people aren't over Ritika Singh's riveting performance yet. The trained fighter turned actor is basking in the success of all the glory being bestowed and her enthusiasm is still rich in terms of the social media posts.

Ritika has shared an Instagram post in which she's lying devastated on a real time friend named Priya who is also a national level Judo fighter. Priya was on sets with Ritka helping her with the tedious shoot routines. With a special makeup on her eye, for the climax portion, Ritika has also extensively shared about her tiring experience during the shoot in one of the comments.

This is what Ritika had to say about the climax portion being shot. ''We shot the climax fight and the pre climax fights for 6 to 7 days non stop. Me and Elena (the world class boxer from UK who played Natalia in the final fight) used to sleep in between shots because we didn't have the time to take breaks and rest. There were around 300 to 400 people in the stadium where we shot the fights and it was so hot. The entire process of shooting the climax was extremely exhausting and it completely killed us because all the fights in the film are 200 percent real and this fight was the most difficult one to shoot''.

When all the hard work has now been garnering praises from all corners, Ritika definitely deserves the attention.

Check out this video to know the difficulties that the director Sudha Kongara, had to undergo while shooting for Irudhi Suttru -


Ritika Singh's tiring experience while shooting Irudhi Suttru climax.

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