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Kaakka Muttai Manikandan's next film titled as Kadaisi Vivasayi

Although movies are considered to be an entertainment tool, they are also extremely powerful to carry social messages. Again, for the present generation, too much of preachiness will not work and there should be a right kind of balance. In that sense, there are a few filmmakers in Tamil like Shankar and AR Murugadoss who have done this balancing act quite well and have managed to send across the intended message to their audiences.

Among many issues that are plaguing the nation now, the plight of farmers is a very crucial one. Ours is a country which is dependent on the wellbeing of farmers. To quote a popular phrase, அவங்க சேத்துல கால் வெச்சாத்தான், நாம சோத்துல கை வெக்கமுடியும் (avanga (farmers) sethula kaal vecha dhaan, naama sothula kai vekka mudiyum). AR Murugadoss had conveyed a lot of such related issues in his Vijay starrer Kaththi.

So, it comes as no surprise that Kaakka Muttai fame Manikandan is reportedly focusing on this issue in his next film after Aandavan Kattalai. Touted to be titled as Kadaisi Vivasayi (the last farmer), his story is speculated to deal with farmer’s issues like suicides among other things. We all know the mettle of Manikandan through Kaakka Muttai when he hit the bull’s eye in conveying the crux of globalization in a very subtle but powerful way in the film. More details are awaited on Kadaisi Vivasayi and we would keep you updated!

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Kaakka Muttai Manikandan's next film titled as Kadaisi Vivasayi

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