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In a day and age where anything is memed and everyone is trolled, choreographer-actor Gayathri Raguramm had lots to say about the creators and stalkers, which she tweeted one after the other on her Twitter space:

"meme creators and troll stalkers. Creating 100 account for no reason. I like to see where do they stand in their life. Do they have a life? Why so much frustration and depression? Is it bcos of jobless or lots of failure faced?"

"I wish they use this creation in script writing or something productive. Im amazed by their talent. Esp pulling one person down. But I hope they try this on their own family member before they try it on celebrity. Just for fun shouldn't hurt one."

"I compare the troll stalkers and harsh meme creators to the guy who killed Hasini child, and his own mother. Mentally affected guy. They can be dangerous in life to someone like their friends and family. Such guys should be reported."

"I'm not saying this bcos I was the only one stalked by these ppl. Its bcos most of the celebs I know are stalked too. These meme companies and stalkers should be reported."

"I hope these stalkers parents know all they do for their living is just to troll someone and create meme on someone and they can be harmful to ppl and mentally gone wrong. I hope they r not proud of what they do. And I wish they them self report such ppl."

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Gayathri Raghuram hits back at the troll and meme creators

Ever since Gayathri Raghuram came out of Bigg Boss show, she has been facing a lot of harsh criticisms from troll and meme creators. Now she has taken to her Twitter space reply to all her haters.

"I like to see the faceless trolls & I like to meet Mr/Ms/Mrs perfect who is super clean who knows only to find mistakes on others. All I could see the troll creators meme creators who has 100 account & handled by single person. So jobless to stalk 1 constantly & attack. I don't claim myself perfect like the trolls thinkers they are. All I could say to them is ✋talk to my hand. Ur wasting ur time on me. Get a life. Stop cribbing.

Will give u guys an idea room pootu alunga 😭😭😭😭😭that Gayathri is bad and horrible. 😅There r some ppl who r shamlessly trolling others &claim they r perfect. Heights of frustration. Don't u all get it? It's a game & it's over.

Move on fight for important cause. Child labour child abuse education women harassment women abuse rape farmers NEET issue. BB is a game. U may think I'm irritated with u guys and gandu and angry. Honestly I'm enjoying the attention. May god bless u all.

In fact ur all so easily bought by a game show. Can easily be triggered. So sensitive and so much emotion. So much anger. I'm just like u guys I also don't know it was game. I don't blame. It took time for me to understand that it's just a game. So move on."

*Tweets are not spell-checked