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Director S.A Chandrasekhar's speech in Nungambakkam's audio launch

A film titled Nungambakkam is a recreation of one of Chennai's biggest crime incidents. The film is based on the real-life event of Swathi Murder case that took place in 2006. The film is directed by SD. Ramesh Selvan. The film celebrated its audio launch on May 21st where various celebrities presence was seen. Senior director S.A Chandrasekhar delivered a powerful speech at the event.

"Vishal's recent success on Irumbu Thirai, a film that portrayed real events and issues of digital media were successfully shown on screens. Stories where individuals are affected majorly and an issue that should be highlighted should be made as movies.

If the audience cannot see this, then what is the point in making films? We should not always give in to the demands of others and restrict our creativity. I like people who prove in their actions rather than saying they will bring a change.

I am also making a film based on a true life event and if someone restricts my creativity, I will not agree to the demands of others, I will come for your Sangam's support and fight against it. Enakku yaara paathum bayam illa (I am not scared of anyone). When I am not scared, people sitting here should never be scared to express their visions on screen.

I am ashamed that we don't speak against the atrocities happening in our society and as a responsible citizen we should rise and speak against it. The director should not have changed the title for the film, at least he could have named it something more relative to the incident.

When we can title our films after living characters, why is this not possible? Why are we not questioning this? I hope we soon start addressing such issues more openly.

I wish the film reaches a wide response among the audience."