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A one Dalit Pandiyan had sued director Bala and actress Jyothika for the controversial last few seconds in the teaser of their latest film Naachiyaar, which was released on YouTube recently.

Jyothika utters a well-known Tamil swear word, which according to Pandiyan, was a reason for disconcertment and hurt to the public. In his petition, he pleaded for severe action to be taken against the director and actress. When it came to trial, the court had an interesting order for Pandiyan.

It ruled that he submit the exact list of people who, as he claimed, were hurt by the dialogue and submit it during the proceedings which were adjourned to January 11. This will be an interesting case to follow, so stay tuned to this space for more updates.

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Roshan Andrews talks about Jyothika and Suriya

Nivin Pauly's upcoming Malayalam film Kayamkulam Kochunni is directed by ‘36 Vayadhinile’ fame Roshan Andrews. Nivin and team have been shooting non-stop in Mangalore for the past two months and are planning for a grand summer release next year.

The unit maintained a strict procedure on the visitors and this invoked plenty of interest among others. The unit had surprise visitors in actors Surya and Jyothika a couple of days back. The entire group comprising Nivin Pauly, director Roshan Andrews and the producers were pleasantly surprised by this visit. Both actors spent some valuable time on the sets and appreciated the grand, skilful sets and the monumental efforts of director Roshan Andrews and the entire team.

Speaking about this, director Roshan Andrews said, “We were all indeed excited by the surprise visit of Surya and Jo. My association with Surya and Jo started earlier and blossomed with 36 Vayadhinile. We share a rapport that stands tall beyond the distance. I was overwhelmed by the presence of Surya and Jo in my sets. Surya was very inquisitive and curious to know about Kayamkulam... Coming to my set is their beautiful gesture of love and friendship. They are my family."

Case against Jo and Bala for Naachiyaar dialogue has an interesting order by Court

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