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Compilation of Jyothika's Facebook live chat with her fans

Jyothika, as part of Magalir Mattum promotions, was seen in a live Facebook chat with her fans, where she answered few interesting questions. Here is a compilation of those.

Q: Your favourite actor apart from Suriya?
Vijay Sethupathi

Q: How did you feel when you get the offer for Mani Ratnam sir's next film?
Karthi only heard this information first and he told me that Madras Talkies wanted to contact me for Mani sir's next film. I was damn excited and said yes to the project, the very next minute, without any second doubts.

Q: How is Dev doing? What kind of a character is he?
Dev is very naughty actually. He studies well now, and... he is a Amma chellam

Q: Can you tell us about your working experience with Thala Ajith.
I worked in a few films together with  Ajith sir during my starting stages of the career. He is a wonderful person and a thorough gentleman. Only when we both were acting together, Ajith - Shalini love story was at high point.

Q: We saw Madhavan's cameo in Magalir Mattum, though we expected Suriya to play that role. Will you act with Suriya in any of your upcoming projects?
Actually, to be frank, we are ready to act together, but we haven't got any exciting scripts yet. We didn't get any good story to act in. If we get an exciting script, we would definitely act. We are ready. And regarding Magalir Mattum cameo, we wanted it to be a surprise casting and that is why we made Maddy do it. Had it been Suriya, it would have been an obvious choice.

Q: Among the both of you, who proposed first? Suriya or Jyothika?
Both of us don't remember that. We were in a relationship for quite a long time, before getting married. Suriya would say, I only proposed him,  but I'd tell him that I didn't. We actually do not know who proposed first.


Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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TSK is only the 3rd Suriya films to release for Pongal

Director Vignesh Shivn made it official that Thaana Serndha Koottam will release for Pongal 2018. Diwali and Pongal are the two major festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu. Suriya has had very few releases on both these special festival days over the years.

7am Arivu was his last Diwali release which hit the screens 6 years back. Si3 was planned for Pongal 2017 but was later pushed to February. What is more interesting to know is Suriya has till date had only 2 releases for Pongal, and his last was 16 years back when Friends released in 2001. Apart from Friends, the only other Suriya film that made to the screens for Pongal is Kaadhale Nimmadhi (1998). Is it not fascinating to know that TSK will only be his 3rd Pongal release in his 20-year long career?

We presume TSK would release on the (Friday) 11th of January, 2018 which would give the film a solid 5-day opening weekend. It is a gutsy move by the production team to release the film just 14 days before Enthiran 2 storm which would hit the county on the 25th of January. 

Compilation of Jyothika's Facebook live chat with her fans

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