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Bharathiraja lashes out at explicit adult Tamil films

Ace director Bharathiraja has condemned the CBFC for allowing adult mainstream Tamil films to release. In his recent statement, the acclaimed director has vented out his feelings.

He said, "People used to say 'Films can bring the whole nation together'. But due to the recent degrading Tamil films, our state has lost its value.

Today, films with double entendres and skin show have dominated socially responsible films. Films which have to be celebrated are seen with no motive. Due to indecent creations, our Tamil film industry's situation is pathetic.

My dear Tamil audience, don't support third rated films, in the name of entertainment and likeability. Boycott those films. An adult Tamil film, which was released recently has totally diverted our Tamil youngsters minds, taking everyone's intelligence for granted. Only because the TFPC goes in support of this kind of films, we see an adult film, with vulgar scenes and title of this sort. Let this be on one side.

What is the Censor Board, appointed by the Central Government doing? Why are you permitting explicitly vulgar films like these? Is this a trick to suppress the Tamil people, who have just woken up to fight for their rights?

To the filmmakers who make films like these, will you take your family to the theatre to watch the film? Can you watch it alongside your family members? There are lots of other ways to earn money. Don't use the film medium.

Films are not just for mere entertainment; they are a form of life. All the filmmakers should realize this."


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Director Bharathiraja's statement on Asifa Rape Case

In a recent press note, director Bharathiraja has released a statement condemning the rape of the 8-year-old child Asifa, the news and details of which case has shaken the nation.

Roughly translated into English, the statement reads:

"My dear Tamil people,

If you equate children to God, where are you trying to find God after raping a child called Asifa?

Referring to a Tamil proverb which speaks about the immediacy of punishment by a King - and lack of the same by God, he continues,

"Whom does the proverb apply to?

The police department helps culprits escape.

The courts reject justice.

The rulers of free India, please act unselfishly.

Think about the problems that are going on as your own.

We, who call our nation "Bharatha Matha" and refer to our rivers with women's names are negligent when it comes to protecting our girls.

The number of Asifas that we know to have been affected is low - and when we delay justice, the number that we do not even know becomes extremely high.

If this state continues, India will surely be "hanged" by the countries of the world.

Bharathiraja lashes out at explicit adult Tamil films

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