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An analysis of Sathyaraj character in Baahubali The Conclusion

In the recently released working stills of Baahubali 2, there was something different about the looks of Sathyaraj.


In Baahubali 1, he was seen sporting a knitted kind of garment and accessories reflective of a royal slave. Sathyaraj was seen in three different time frames in this film; firstly during Baahubali’s birth when he was younger and sported dark hair; second during the younger years of Amarendra Baahubali where he had a few grey hairs and in the third time frame, during Shivudu’s young age, when he was found twith a clean shaven pate with grey beard.


However, in the just-released image of Baahubali 2, Sathyaraj is not seen in slave attire but in a civilian sort of costumes and adornments. This could suggest that either Kattappa, the character played by Sathyaraj, is relieved of his slavery by the king Amarendra Baahubali or perhaps he is in a disguise to carry out the emperor’s directions. Is this some sort of a twist?


Either way, it is just a few days that the audiences are going to revel in the magic of Rajamouli’s BaahubaIi : The Conclusion.

An analysis of Sathyaraj character in Baahubali The Conclusion

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